Wednesday’s “Death Wish remake, Bad Girls remake, new Green Arrow and dead Body Farm” news


British TV


  • Mark Carroll

    The online streaming news reminds me that what I really want is a wide, comprehensive selection, much more than I want the latest stuff. Netflix’s by-mail side works well for me here because the DVD library is so large and I don’t mind waiting a year or two; one only starts running into problems if the DVD is not even presently available for sale. Of course, vendors try to push online streaming instead, but rarely is a very full selection offered. I wonder how the future will go. Especially, in Britain I wonder how broad the DVD library of the Netflix-equivalent is, and if/when online streaming services will match the by-mail selection, presumably not anytime soon.

  • MediumRob

    Netflix’s online selection is poor. I’m pretty sure Lovefilm’s is better though.

  • Gareth Williams

    I have Lovefilm Unlimited and Netflix. £9.99 for Livefilm is worth it for the DVDs alone.
    I have no Lovefilm connected device in the lounge though, but Netflix is available on Apple TV. Netflix has a much better picture than Lovefilm streaming.
    I don’t know if I’ll stick with Netflix, but I am a working through Arrested Development on it so we’ll see.