Question of the week: what would you do with BBC3 and BBC4?

So, the BBC has announced within the last week what it wants to do with BBC3 and BBC4. BBC4 is going to cut drama, keep comedy and become more a feeder channel for BBC2, which is now just going to show repeats during the day. BBC3 is going to transfer a third of its drama budget to BBC1. Everyone’s going to have a reduced acquisitions budget.

Good thing? Bad thing? Will you watch BBC3 or BBC4 at all any more? Maybe, maybe not.

So let’s play fantasy TV controller and ask:

If you were in charge of the BBC and could move budgets around as you like, what would you do with BBC3 and BBC4? What would you have more of? What would you have less of? Would even get rid of them in favour of giving more money to BBC1 and BBC2

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