Review: Doctor Who – 6×12 – Closing Time

Flashback to Rusty's time

In the UK: Saturday 24th September, 7.15pm, BBC1/BBC1 HD. Available on the iPlayer
In the US: Saturday 24th September, 9pm/8c ET/PT, BBC America

So another one that I quite liked, despite a slightly disappointing ending to the main plot. A strange callback to RTD-era style writing, principally because his best pal Gareth Roberts wrote it (clearly a man who has recently become a father), a lot of the time it felt like a David Tennant-era story. The Cybermen obviously helped on that score, but the familiar, everyday setting, copious one-liners, et al were indicative.

All the River Song stuff at the end was good, as was the Doctor’s maudlin nature as he walks to his own death and the cameos by two former companions. Good to see some cybermats around, too, and they were actually scary for once to boot.

All in all, a good fun one. But what did you think?

  • Mark Carroll

    Yes, nice to see the cybermats.
    I liked it — the writing didn’t veer too far into comedic cheesiness — but the way the serious problems were suddenly resolved felt a bit easy and silly, letting down what was otherwise generally well done. I find it a little incredible what power human thoughts and feelings seem to have had lately.
    The Doctor seems to have forgotten much basic social interaction that he once knew, but we can forgive him that as a weird regeneration thing perhaps.
    I wasn’t convinced by the “who has recently become a father” — maybe I paid too little attention, but often there wasn’t the bag of baby stuff that is rather larger than the baby itself. And there would have been a situation wherein the baby had to be stealthily quiet but was actually loud, probably because it was trying to work some constipation out. (-:

  • benjitek

    Another boring episode to add onto the heap. This season has be very disappointing — not good SciFi. So far, there hasn’t been a standout episode.
    At best, a mediocre season this year 🙁

  • Mark Carroll

    I suppose I think that, after interesting, sinister build-up, things were revealed and resolved with rather a simple flash.