Review: A Gifted Man 1×1

A Gifted Man

In the US: Fridays, 8/7c, CBS

CBS, the home of the procedural TV show, has been a little bit strapped for medical procedures. It’s tried in the past with shows such as 3 Lbs , but they’ve never really stuck.

So desperate are they for a medical procedure, it would seem, that they’re willing to take something with just a hint of medical procedure to it and revamp it to fit the new mould.

Take A Gifted Man. Now on the face of it, this is a supernatural/spiritual tale of life choices and redemption. Patrick Wilson (The Watchmen) is a rich and indeed gifted neurosurgeon, at the top of his profession. He’s divorced, he’s a complete dick, he doesn’t have many friends and he treats his sister (Julie Benz) and her son like crap, but he’s doing well for himself at least. Then one day, he bumps into his ex-wife (Jennifer Ehle from Pride and Prejudice) and they have dinner together.

But the next day, he discovers she’s been dead for two weeks. After having the necessary brain scans, he comes to the conclusion that she really is a ghost and begins to re-evaluate his life choices, his attitudes to the poor, his family, his friends, his employees and in fact life itself.

Except that’s not good enough for CBS, so on top of that, he has to do three to four exciting, brain-related medical procedures per show on top of that.

Here’s a trailer.

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