Sitting Tennant

Friday’s Sitting Tennant (week 34, 2011)

Hebbie's Sitting Tennant

Sister Chastity's Sitting Tennant

Smile! It’s the weekend!

  1. Hebbie: 240
  2. Sister Chastity: 235
  3. Erin C: 115
  4. Rullsenberg: 55
  5. Janice: 20
  6. esgaril: 10
  7. theriverlady, Toby: 5

Don’t forget Tuesday’s caption competition!

Got a picture of David Tennant sitting, lying down or in some indeterminate state in between? Then leave a link to it below or email me and if it’s judged suitable and doesn’t obviously infringe copyright, it will appear in the “Sitting Tennant” gallery. Don’t forget to include your name in the filename so I don’t get mixed up about who sent it to me.

The best pic in the stash each week will appear on Tuesday and get ten points; the runners up will appear on Friday (one per person who sends one in) and get five points.

You can also enter the witty and amusing captions league table by commenting on Tuesday’s Sitting Tennant photo, the best caption getting 10 points, everyone who contributes getting five points.


Review: Prime Suspect (US) 1×1

In the US: Thursdays, 10/9c, NBC

Prime Suspect is one of British TV’s crown jewels. Twenty years old this year, the Granada show about a female detective’s (Helen Mirren) struggles against the misogyny and sexism of her male colleagues during the investigation of a prostitute-murdering serial killer is an absolutely superb bit of television: when I rewatched it this year, I almost cried at how good it was compared to the vast, vast majority modern British television drama. 

Attempts to make a US version of Prime Suspect have been ongoing almost since the show originally aired. But finally, NBC has got its act together and made a series version of the show. Starring Maria Bello (The Mummy 3, A History of Violence) in an impressively wacky set of hats and scarves, it sees DCI Jane Tennison become New York’s Detective Jane Timoney, who transfers to a new precinct dominated by men who don’t like her and don’t trust her, but have to learn to deal with her when she heads up a murder investigation.

And although there will be a collective protest that our crown jewels have been stolen, the show is actually mostly pretty good – when it sticks to the script.

Here’s a trailer.

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Friday’s “Heroes move on” news

Doctor Who


British TV

Canadian TV

  • Trailer for season four of Being Erica