Tuesday’s Sitting Tennant (week 28, 2011)

Hebbie's Sitting Tennant

I’m not saying anything except Hebbie sent it in so she gets 10 points.

  1. Hebbie: 190
  2. Sister Chastity: 165
  3. Erin C: 85
  4. Rullsenberg: 55
  5. Janice: 20
  6. esgaril: 10
  7. theriverlady, Toby: 5

Some fun entries in the caption competition this week, although Rullsenberg’s made me sad, but it was SK who came through to win the full 10 points. Good luck this week!

  1. Marie: 175
  2. Rullsenberg: 140
  3. SK: 100
  4. Electric Dragon, Toby: 95
  5. Lisa G: 45
  6. Jane Henry: 50
  7. theriverlady: 35
  8. Hebbie, Virpi: 20
  9. Joe B: 15
  10. whoficwriter: 10
  11. kallan, Jeri: 5

Got a picture of David Tennant sitting, lying down or in some indeterminate state in between? Then leave a link to it below or email me and if it’s judged suitable and doesn’t obviously infringe copyright, it will appear in the Sitting Tennant gallery. Don’t forget to include your name in the filename so I don’t get mixed up about who sent it to me.

The best pic in the stash each week will appear on Tuesday and get ten points; the runners up will appear on Friday (one per person who sends one in) and get five points.

You can also enter the witty and amusing captions league table by commenting on Tuesday’s Sitting Tennant photo, the best caption getting 10 points, everyone who contributes getting five points.

  • Oh No! I forgot to get her number!

  • The cryptic crossword really wasn’t working out for him.

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  • Janice

    “Omigod. I called her Carole. Her name is Charlotte. Carole was my ex wife and she knows it. There’s no way out of this one.”

  • Jeri

    “That is the LAST time I challenge Hemingway to a drinking contest!”

  • Jack should have known he needed extra-strong Retcon to fool the Doctor nothing had happened…

  • SK

    As the crushing emptiness of meaningless hedonism weighed down upon him once again, again he found himself wishing for something more; something more that he knew he could never have, for parade of blondes were merely his escape from the fear and the certain knowledge that he would never be able to answer the one question that might unlock his soul’s eternal happiness: Rullsenberg or Marie?

  • As Toby pondered the fact that there were six comments ahead of his, and that no one else had mentioned the strategic tear in the jammies – and what that might say about himself that he noticed it – he found himself assuming the same position as Tennant…..

  • SK: I may just have to sue you for causing me to splutter smoothie at my work computer… how do I explain that!?!