A few morsels from Doctor Who: The Writer’s Tale – The Final Chapter, p662, about The End of Time

I have here a shiny review copy of Russell T Davies/Benjamin Cook’s updated version of The Writer’s Tale (aka The Final Chapter). I’ll be reviewing it next week, and then one of you lucky people can have it in a totally random competition. 

But on p662, I found these exciting nuggets on information that should help clarify a few things in The End of Time that are causing controversy.

Euros has just been on the phone to Timothy Dalton, about playing the Lord President! TIMOTHY DALTON!!! AS RASSILON!!! Early days, of course – it’s still not a definite booking – but it’s as close as it can be. (I wanted the bloke from The Five Doctors, but apparently he was banned from acting ever again.)

Then, in a footnote, "In 1983 Doctor Who Special The Five Doctors, Rassilon was played by the late actor Richard Matthews."

So definitely the same Rassilon then.

And then

Oh, and Claire Bloom is playing the Doctor’s mum! (Yes, that’s what she’s been told, too.)

That looks reasonably definite to me.

  • Still some ambiguity there with that last line of “(Yes, that’s what she’s been told, too.)”, I think. To me, it sounds like “We’ll let her think she’s playing Mama Doctor, but in fact she’s playing someone else!”
    And I’m favoring the bit about her playing a regenerated Susan…..

  • bob

    Gah, I already have The Writer’s Tale. Why couldn’t they have released this extra stuff separately?

  • I’d say the chances of the extra stuff being released separately are pretty high. They’ll probably wait just long enough to make sure chumps like me have bought the new edition to sit beside our hardback copy of the original.

  • I think I’ll wait the three months it’ll take to turn up at The Book People like last year.