August on the blog

It’s August. That means there’s next to nothing on tele and everyone’s going on holiday. As you might have guessed from my subtly coded messages over the last few days, that includes me.

But don’t think I’ve forgotten those of you left behind or whose holiday doesn’t coincide with mine. Although I’m not going to be back in the country until the 18th, I have magically put together some content to go live each week day during my break. That’s obviously not going to include the daily news, but since most of the people who make the news are going to be on holiday, too, general experience tells me there won’t be much news to report anyway, so that won’t resume properly until the 24th probably.

But it will include the usual favourites/stuff most people ignore, including Sitting Tennant, Dick Heads, Today’s Joanna Page, Meme of The Week, What Have You Been Watching This Week?, Random Acts of Ali Larter and Weird Old Title Sequences, as well as the occasional other bit of random content, so feel free to drop by anyway.

Since I won’t be able to judge the captions or the photos in Sitting Tennant, you’ll just get your weekly Monday gallery to entertain you each week, with Dick Heads taking over on Friday until I get back. But feel free to keep captioning yesterday’s picture and to keep sending in new pictures for when I get back.

Guard the blog against intruders, if you will, and have a great time in my absence!