Reality recipe for disaster

You ever watched any US reality shows, such as Survivor, Big Brother, Fear Factor and the like? Scary shows, filled with a combination of very earnest people who really want to win and very sociopathic people who really want to win.

That’s why I know this show, Unanimous, is doomed from the beginning. I can see how it could be “compelling viewing”: lock up nine strangers in a nuclear bunker then tell them they’re not coming out until they’ve unanimously decided who should win $1.5 million. I can even see how it might work, if it were entirely filled with English people going

“No, after you.”

“No, no. After you. I’m rubbish and you’re so much better than me.”

But psychotic, ultra-competitive reality show Americans? The winner is going to be the last person left standing after everyone else has died of old age. Do you really want to commit yourself to watching 50 years’ worth of programming?