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November 13, 2014

Weird old title sequences: Near and Far (1975-1988)

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There seemed to be something in the air in British kids programming in the 1970s. Overwhelmingly, the idea seemed to be scare the crap out of anyone watching, usually through music. That extended not just to dramas, such as Children of the Stones, The Changes and Sapphire and Steel. Even the schools programming wanted to have them hiding behind the sofa.

We’ve already looked at ITV's Picture Box, which deployed the fairground steam organ to terrifying effect, but if you thought the Beeb would take that lying down, you’re wrong. Behold, children: Near and Far. Things can be near, things can be far, but you will be frightened either way. So frightened that all you’ll remember about it is the title sequence and theme tune by the Radiophonic Workshop, not the content.

October 13, 2014

Whenever Trevor Eve gets too serious, remind him about Shadow Chasers

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Trevor Eve is a serious actor. Very serious. Although best known for being only slightly grumpy in Shoestring, he's gone on to some pretty dour roles in the likes of Waking The Dead, Kidnap and Ransom and the miserable Channel 5 'updating' of Doomwatch. Even in interviews, he can be very serious.

But Trevor Eve has a sense of humour. Or at least he used to. He might not want anyone to remember that these days, but he did.

How else can you explain his decision to appear in the 1985 mystery series Shadow Chasers, in which he played an anthropologist blackmailed into working with tabloid journalist Dennis Dugan to investigate the paranormal? Created by Kenneth Johnson (The Bionic Woman, Alien Nation, V, The Incredible Hulk) and the Oscar-winning Brian Grazer (Splash, A Beautiful Mind), it was nevertheless the lowest rated of the 106 shows in the 1985-1986 season, with only the first nine of its episodes airing on ABC in the US, leaving the Armed Forces Network to air the remaining four.

Maybe the opening credits had something to do with that.

Poor old Eve - he never stood a chance. Maybe that's why he lost his sense of humour?

Still, if that's only whet your appetite for more, here's the whole of the first episode.

May 24, 2013

Weird old title sequences: Holmes and Yoyo (1976)

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Forget Sherlock. Forget Elementary. This is how you update Sherlock Holmes for modern times. May I present Holmes and Yoyo, a show I'd only ever heard about, never seen. Watch the title sequence and be amazed by its audacity.

[via @AlexRomeo @mpphillips @gideondefoe @richmurkin]

You can, if that's whet your appetite, watch the first episode as well:

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