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Weekly Wonder Woman: Trinity #3, Justice League (Rebirth) #9

Posted on November 22, 2016 | Post a comment | Bookmark and Share

Seventy-fifth birthday celebrations winding down, there have only been a few slices of cake to mop up for Diana in the past week. We've had a trailer for the next DC animated movie, Justice League Dark, due out early next year. Based on the series about the magic-oriented equivalent of the Justice League, not only does it feature the usual DC voice artistes (Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman, of course), it also includes Matt Ryan, reprising his role of John Constantine from Constantine. It's R-rated so expect something a little stronger than the immortal 'bugger off' uttered by Ryan in the trailer:

But that was it. After the jump, we'll be looking at Trinity #3 and Justice League (Rebirth) #9. They're a bit light, too.

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Weekly Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman (Rebirth) #10

Posted on November 15, 2016 | Post a comment | Bookmark and Share

Last week, we got the news that there's a young adult Wonder Woman book series on the way. Okay, technically that was announced in March, but now we have a cover. 

Wonder Woman: Warbringer

Can't say I entirely approve of the plot - "What Diana doesn't know is that Alia is a Warbringer, a direct descendant of Helen of Troy, and she is fated to bring about bloodshed and misery" - but since I'm not going to be reading it, I'm not really sure I can complain.

Meanwhile, DC was busily trademarking "Lasso of Truth" for many purposes, including barbecues. Hmmm.

And in the war between Frank Cho and Greg Rucka, more shots were (almost) fired. Cho, best known for some dodgy superheroine artwork designed to wind people up, has been doing variant covers for Wonder Woman for some time. However, when a bit too much backside started to appear in his drawings, Rucka put his foot down and DC showed Cho the door.

Except on Friday, Cho claimed that he'd been approached by DC to write Wonder Woman once Rucka's left.

They want me back to Wonder Woman as soon as possible, as soon as the writer is gone. So that’s why I’ve already written a Wonder Woman story to go so that as soon as the writer is gone and I’m pretty sure DC and Marvel want me to draw and it makes sense

He also made a few thinly veiled critiques of Rucka:

It’s not gonna be an origin story because I hate origin stories. Every single Wonder Woman book that you pick there’s a goddam origin story where nothing happens.

Except by Sunday, DC had denied everything. Sighs of relief all round.

And that was the news. After the jump, let's talk about last week's Wonder Woman (Rebirth), which, erm, continues Diana's latest origin story.

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Weekly Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman (Rebirth) #9

Posted on November 1, 2016 | Post a comment | Bookmark and Share

A relatively quiet week for Diana last week. Sure, you could look at the first page of the new Snickers-sponsored comic featuring 'the Trinity'…

Snickers Justice League

…but that looked quite dull, didn't it? You could also have got a few tips on how to draw Wonder Woman from Jill Thompson and Nicola Scott.

To help Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Jim Lee's put a bit of Wonder Woman artwork up for auction and you can watch him drawing Wondy, too:

But really, last week's big fun was to be had with Wonder Woman (Rebirth) #9, which was a partial celebration of Wonder Woman's 75th birthday, as well as a recasting of the status quo. A review after the jump, but for now, see if you can spot all the tributes in this rather special splash page. And see who doesn't get a mention, too…

A tribute to Wonder Woman's writers and artists

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