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Weekly Wonder Woman: Superman/Wonder Woman #10, Justice League Beyond 2.0 #24

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Superman/Wonder Woman #10

Normally, around this time of the month, we can rely on Charles Soule and Tony Daniel to cheer us with their usual top notch, high-quality Superman/Wonder Woman. However, this month, not only was Tony Daniel away, leaving the art to the not-quite-as-good Paulo Siqueira – possibly a permanent situation since Daniel is off to write and draw Deathstroke – we’re still stuck in the seemingly interminable ‘Superman Doomed storyline’. The result is the first issue of Superman/Wonder Woman that… I almost can’t bring myself to say it… isn’t very good.

There, I dared to say it.

Also after the jump, we’ll take a look at Justice League Beyond #24, which finally wraps up both the 'Justice Lords' storyline and the ‘Return of Wonder Woman’ storyline. Man these things go on for a long time.

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Weekly Wonder Woman: Justice League Beyond #23

Posted on June 30, 2014 | Post a comment | Bookmark and Share

Justice League Beyond #23

It was slightly hard to find Diana in Wonderland last week. While Lex Luthor was busily trying to get Batman to confess his true identity in Justice League #31, all she got to do was fly around a bit with Superman.

Wonder Woman and Superman in Justice League #32

Flashing forward to after the 'Superman: Doomed storyline' to the events of Superman #32, Diana’s too busy with her family to show up:

Diana's too busy for Superman

So that means we’re going to have settle for future, alternative universe Wonder Woman over in Justice League Beyond #23, where she’s getting beaten up by Lord Superman… and her son, Zod. Oh well.

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News: Hoff The Record, Matthew Perry gets Web Therapy, The Goldbergs' John Hughes tribute + more

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