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Weekly Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #48, Superman-Wonder Woman #25, Superman #48, Titans Hunt #4 et al

Posted on February 1, 2016 | comments | Bookmark and Share

The observant will notice that last week, Wonder Woman did a bunk and didn't bother turning up on this 'ere blog for her weekly round-up of comic book appearances. I don't know why. Was it something I said?

Well, obviously I do know the real reason, as Wonder Woman is a fictional character - it was my usual end-of-month workload meaning that I didn't have time. So I figured, what the hell, I can just roll them over to next week, forgetting, of course, that the end of the month is also now when DC Comics unleashes a deluge of Wondy titles upon us. Oops. That's my morning gone, then.

So after the jump, in perhaps sketchier detail than I would like, you'll find looks at: Aquaman #48, DC Comics: Bombshells #28, Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year 5 #5-6, Justice League of America #7, Sinestro #19, Superman #48, Superman-Wonder Woman #25, The Legend of Wonder Woman #11-12, Titans Hunt #4 and Wonder Woman #48. As a little bit of a game, guess which old school Wonder Woman villain and villainess make their return, as well as which old school Wonder Woman favourite made no fewer than two returns in those titles.

It's also been a busy fortnight for Wondy in other media. We've had the unveiling of a new trailer for Batman v Superman, in which it's revealed that rather than flying herself or using an invisible jet, movie-Diana uses Turkish Airlines to get about. 


Whether that's an indication that the Amazons still live in the Themyscira of Asia Minor, rather than Paradise Island, or whether it's simply because Turkish Airlines is the movie's official airline partner (that's a thing, apparently), I can't say, but we'll find out in March.

We also have the news that Cartoon Network is working on a new series of 11-minute episodes of Justice League Action that will feature not only Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman again, but also the rest of the Trinity - no word on who's doing Diana's voice, though. Surely, Susan Eisenberg's a shoo-in?


And on top of all that excitement, we've got a trailer for the next animated DC movie, Justice League vs Teen Titans. Guess what happens in that.

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News: the new Jack Bauer; Woody Allen's new twerking muse; FOX acquires 11/22/63; Watergate mini-series; + more

Posted on January 26, 2016 | Post a comment | Bookmark and Share

Film trailers

Internet TV



New US TV shows

  • ABC green lights: pilots of logical help comedy Square Roots and differently-parented neighbours comedy Chunk & Bean
  • …developing: event series Watergate
  • Showtime developing: adaptation of future satire Super Sad True Love Story
  • Fox green lights: pilots of privatised police drama APB and undercover FBI agent drama Recon

New US TV show casting

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Weekly Wonder Woman: a stonking 15 comics featuring Wonder Woman

Posted on January 5, 2016 | Post a comment | Bookmark and Share

Well, blimey. I'm gone for what? Two weeks? And DC unleashes a deluge of new Wonder Woman comics the likes of which we've never seen before.

On the one hand, I'm happy. Things were looking bleak at the end of last year (although my belief that Wonder Woman '77 had stopped turns out to be incorrect - it's just taking a long break), but it seems that DC Comics has come up with a cunning plan: all it needs to do is publish twice as many comics every month and sales will double.

Simple, huh?

All the same, and despite the fact that end-of-year schedules can only mean one thing - annuals - there were rather a lot of Wonder Woman titles released in the past two weeks. And since I also took it upon myself to see if I'd missed any Wondy-related comics in the past month or so, I now have a combined total of 15 issues to get through this WWW. That means work. I don't like work. I'm happy, but I have to work - what a quandry.

So forgive me if rather than doing full-on reviews, I simply highlight a few interesting facts about each issue. I might actually get to go to bed tonight, if I do.

Don't worry, normal service will resume next Monday - assuming Dan DiDio doesn't release another 15 titles this week - but if you have any questions about an issue, ask me in the comments section.

So, after this Wonder Woman movie T-shirt, brace yourselves for - deep breath - Aquaman #46-47, Dark Knight III #2, Injustice Gods Among Us Year 5 #3, Justice League of America #6, Justice League #47, Sinestro #18, Superman Annual #3, Superman-Wonder Woman #24, Superman-Wonder Woman Annual #2, The Legend of Wonder Woman #8, Titans Hunt #1-3 and, finally, Wonder Woman #47

Wonder Woman movie T-shirt

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