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Weekly Wonder Woman: Trinity #3, Justice League (Rebirth) #9

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Seventy-fifth birthday celebrations winding down, there have only been a few slices of cake to mop up for Diana in the past week. We've had a trailer for the next DC animated movie, Justice League Dark, due out early next year. Based on the series about the magic-oriented equivalent of the Justice League, not only does it feature the usual DC voice artistes (Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman, of course), it also includes Matt Ryan, reprising his role of John Constantine from Constantine. It's R-rated so expect something a little stronger than the immortal 'bugger off' uttered by Ryan in the trailer:

But that was it. After the jump, we'll be looking at Trinity #3 and Justice League (Rebirth) #9. They're a bit light, too.

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News: Longmire, Workaholics cancelled; Josh renewed; Universal acquires Private Eyes; Pulling (US); + more

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Weekly Wonder Woman: 75th birthday celebrations, Wonder Woman (Rebirth) #8, Dark Knight III #6, Trinity #2 and Justice League (Rebirth) #7

Posted on October 25, 2016 | Post a comment | Bookmark and Share

It was Wonder Woman's birthday on Friday. She's 75, but being a goddess, it probably doesn't show. To celebrate, all manner of things have been happening, most notably our Diana being named by the United Nations as its new Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls. To celebrate, both Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter turned up to the UN headquarters for a special ceremony.

Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot at the UN

Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot

At the event, DC President Diane Nelson announced that not only would Wondy be available for use by UN agencies, there would also be a new comic in 2017 "to tell the story of empowerment, peace, justice and equality" and which would be available worldwide in multiple languages simultaneously - the first time in DC’s history.

However, not everyone was pleased, with some UN workers protesting that, "It is alarming that the United Nations would consider using a character with an overtly sexualized image at a time when the headline news in United States and the world is the objectification of women and girls." Hmmm. Obviously they quit reading Wonder Woman when Brian Finch took over art.

Still, a whole bunch of people were pleased that she was 75 at least, at the New York Comic Con panel to celebrate her birthday; perhaps it was coincidence, but Entertainment Weekly has also named her the most powerful and influential superhero or heroine of all time.

Meanwhile, the movies are proceeding apace. Gal Gadot (and Amber Heard) were spotted in Iceland, filming scenes for Justice League, a new photo of our heroine in said movie also getting released.

Wonder Woman in Justice League

And despite the fact Wonder Woman isn't out until next year, Gadot, director Patty Jenkins and production designer Aline Bonetto have been giving interviews to Variety about the movie: Gadot talks about the character, her legacy and the news she's bisexual (although the movie doesn't go there); Jenkins promises a lighter film than Batman v Superman, one that's closer to Superman in tone; and Bonetto discusses designing Themyscira

Back in the world of comics, we also learned there's going to be a prequel series next year called The Odyssey of the Amazons, which will see a plucky group of the female warriors encountering the Norse gods. And an interview with Andy Mangels gave us plenty of details about this year's Bionic Woman/Wonder Woman crossover comic.

What a fortnight, hey? Happy birthday, Wondy.

After the jump, I'll be looking at the past two week's comics featuring the Amazon princess (apparently, it's definitely princess now): Wonder Woman (Rebirth) #8, Dark Knight III #6, Trinity #2 and Justice League (Rebirth) #7. One of these doesn't actually feature Wonder Woman for some reason.

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