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News: Netflix's Bigfoot Town, Travelers; Willem Dafoe joins Justice League; Two Doors Down renewed; + more

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Finn Jones in Netflix's Marvel's Iron Fist

Film casting

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New UK TV shows

  • MyAnna Buring, Ben Batt, David Leon et al to star in BBC One's In The Dark


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Weekly Wonder Woman: The Legend of Wonder Woman #23

Posted on April 18, 2016 | comments | Bookmark and Share

Ironically, it's quiet on the Western Front in the world of comics for Wonder Woman, except in The Legend of Wonder Woman where all guns are blazing there. But that's the only comic out last week that featured our heroine - brace for the usual end-of-month deluge this week, though.

Of course, there has been a graphic novel - Wonder Woman: Earth One - Volume One, written by Grant Morrison with art by Yanick Paquette and Nathan Fairbairn. That's been a long time in the making (indeed, rumour has it, the fact that Grant Morrison got the gig is one of the reasons Greg Rucka left DC quite some while back), but it's been so lacking in advertising, I only noticed five minutes ago it had finally been released. Expect a review in a couple of weeks' time, when I might have had a chance to read the rather large tome.

Wonder Woman: Earth One

Also out in the US is Justice League vs Teen Titans, the latest movie from the DC animated universe that features, largely as guest stars most of the time, the Justice League. However, that's not due out until May 21st in the UK, so I won't review it until then. 

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Weekly Wonder Woman: Justice League - Darkseid War Special #1; The Legend of Wonder Woman #22

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It was a bit of a quiet week last week for Diana, so only two issues for us to look at, one of which involves a song and dance number, one of which she's barely in at all, yet which is nevertheless surprisingly important for both her and the Amazons (cough, cough, retcon, cough, cough): Justice League - Darkseid War Special #1 and The Legend of Wonder Woman #22. Guess which one is which, before we talk about them after the jump.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, DC has been giving us further details about its 'Rebirth' plans, including a little more about what Greg Rucka is going to do be doing in Wonder Woman

“Having realised a lot of what is taken as truth about herself is contradictory and the contradictions have become so acute, she no longer knows who she is,” Rucka explains. “The first arc is called ‘True Lies', and she’s attempting to find the truth."

Depending on the answers she finds. Diana may be rocked to her very foundation. Rucka teased a number of questions that Wonder Woman will be struggling with along the way:

“Is she the goddess of war? Was she made from clay? Is she a demi-goddess? Is Themyscira really what its been presented to be? Look back at how many times Diana’s mother Hippolyta has died; where’s the truth in that? What’s accurate, what isn’t?

“We looked at the golden Lasso of Truth but it’s not the lasso that does it, it’s Diana who brings the truth.”

While his Year One storyline will provide foundations…

“There’s a moment in Diana’s origin story that we forget, and ‘Year One’ is about reminding people of the importance of that,” Rucka notes. “The core moment, maybe one of the most important moments for her, is when she leaves home; the time she answered the call. We overlook that a lot.”

Naturally with any Year One tale, expect to see some classic tropes re-examined, as well as old friends - not to mention deadly enemies - reintroduced and re-examined: “Steve Trevor’s got to be there, Etta Candy has to be there,” Rucka says. “You think you know Barbara Minerva, the Cheetah? You think you know what’s been going on with Ares? You were wrong - you’re just flat-out wrong.”

Yes, cough, cough, retcon, cough, cough.

Talking of origin stories, also back in the real world, on a somewhat warmer set than either Trafalgar Square or King's Cross Station, Diana (aka Gal Gadot) is busy finding a certain Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) washed up on the shores of Themyscira, all under the watchful eye of… Pink. It looks like Pink anyway. It might be Robin Wright.

It might be Pink

Chris Pine as Steve Trevor

Chris Pine surrounded by Amazons

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