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Weekly Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #36, Superman/Wonder Woman #13, Sensation Comics #15, Justice League #36

Posted on November 25, 2014 | Post a comment | Bookmark and Share

Wonder Woman #36

As usual, we can rely on DC Comics to time its releases of comics with impeccable precision. So, after weeks of a couple of guest appearances here and there by Diana in various comics, finally, we have all the usual main Wonder Woman titles out in the same week.

When last we left both Wonder Woman and Superman/Wonder Woman, we were waving goodbye to two A-teams: Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang were departing Wonder Woman, having concluded their three-year reboot of the character; meanwhile, Charles Soule and (predominantly) Tony Daniel were bidding both Superman and Wonder Woman adieu over on Superman/Wonder Woman.

Joining the fold last week, we had Meredith Finch and Brian Finch on Wonder Woman #36 and Peter J Tomasi and Doug Mahnke over on Superman/Wonder Woman #13. After the jump, I’ll be looking at both issues and wondering if we’ve got two new A-teams, two new B-teams or some other alphabetical combinations.

But we’re not done. Because on top of those two, we have the conclusion of Gilbert Hernandez’s two-parter in Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #15 and in Justice League #36, we have the arrival of Wonder Woman’s movie costume in the comic book world.

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Weekly Wonder Woman: World's Finest #28, Smallville Continuity #12, Sensation Comics #14

Posted on November 18, 2014 | comments | Bookmark and Share

World's Finest #28

It was a relatively quiet week for regular Wonder Woman last week, but in various universes (and times) she had lots to do. Most notably, over on Earth 2 - where she’s dead, of course - we got a flashback to a time when the coming apocalypse was predicted and the immortal Wonder Woman had to venture out into Man’s World to save two children - one Clark Kent and one Bruce Wayne, in fact.

Meanwhile, over in Smallviile: Continuity, there was another child of a different variety for Diana to visit and in Sensation Comics #14, everyone was on acid.

At least it seemed like it, because Gilbert Hernandez of Love and Rockets fame has just started a two-issue story.

More after the jump.

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Weekly Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #35, Sensation Comics #12, Smallville Continuity #10

Posted on November 4, 2014 | Post a comment | Bookmark and Share

Wonder Woman #35

It’s the end? Can you believe it? For three years, Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang have been the creative forces behind the nu52 reboot of both the character of Wonder Woman and the Wonder Woman comic itself. And now they’re leaving – issue #35 is their last one.

It’s been a controversial ride, with Diana undergoing perhaps the most changes of anyone in the nu52 universe:

  • Her origin was completely changed so that she became Zeus’s daughter when her mother Hippolyta had had an affair with him (her previous ‘clay’ origin was revealed to be a ruse to keep Hera in the dark)
  • The Amazons were changed from a society of women living isolated from the world in a superior civilisation to one that went out seducing then murdering men for procreation before giving away their male babies in return for weapons
  • The gods were transformed from largely benevolent anthropomorphic beings, fit to be worshipped, to various zoomorphic creatures, personifications of office, and generally unpleasant individuals
  • Diana was eventually apotheosed to goddess of war
  • Most of the supporting characters from pre-nu52 times were removed, killed or ignored, to be replaced with male characters.

The controversy also continued in the manner of the storytelling, ranging from Chiang’s drawing style to the fact that the past three years have more or less been the same story, with minimal superheroics or even any real strength from Wonder Woman, and you can see why a lot of old school fans are happy that the ‘terrible nightmare’ is all over. Indeed, new writer Meredith Finch appears to be focusing on doing everything that Azzarello didn’t do, from including Wonder Woman’s new boyfriend Superman to having Amazon-centric stories.

But after the jump we’ll have a look at the final issue, to see what foundation Azzarello and Chiang have left Finch, whether it’s been all bad, and whether it concludes the story well and/or in the way I predicted.

Also after the jump, we’ll be looking at the latest Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, the first of a two-parter in which Diana goes egg-hunting and Cheetah goes Diana hunting, and Smallville Continuity, which effectively founds the Smallville universe’s Justice League.

All go, innit?

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