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Preview: Ironside 1x1 (NBC)

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NBC's Ironside

In the US: Wednesdays, 10pm ET/9pm CT, NBC. Starts October 2

Ironside is one of those fondly remembered but actually pretty rubbish cop shows from the 70s that occasionally appears on re-run channels. Starring Raymond Burr as San Francisco's paraplegic chief of detectives Robert T Ironside, the show ran from 1967 to 1975 and it largely had two things going for it: Burr, who was even more famously Perry Mason; and its memorable title sequence, which in case you've forgotten went something like this:

True, its heart was in the right place: after all, its message was that a guy in a wheelchair can solve crimes and apprehend criminals just as well as someone who wasn't. It even surrounded Ironside with a 'diverse' range of assistants. Trouble is that gave Ironside the eternal reputation of being the show in which a token black guy pushes the hero white guy around in a wheelchair all day, but who doesn't get to do much himself.

Now NBC have decided to remake Ironside and they've decided it's time to fix that particular issue. Because now Ironside, as well as being a New York cop, is black - he's played by LA Law/In Treatment/Sex and the City favourite Blair Underwood, who's also one of the producers.

Laudably, that means we have probably the first black, physically challenged lead character in TV history (I'm pretty sure War of the Worlds doesn't count). Hooray! Progress!

Unfortunately, though, so happy are the writers and network to have ticked off that particular box on their CVs, they've neglected to actually make the show anything but cliched. Or maybe that's deliberate. Here's a trailer - I'll explain afterwards:

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Tuesday's "Fargo: The TV series, Whitechapel's fourth series and Gina Carano in female Expendables" news

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Doctor Who


International TV


US TV shows casting

New US TV shows

  • Garry Marshall working on sitcom for Fox
  • Mandy Moore working on Miss Most Likely for ABC
  • FX working with Joel and Ethan Coen on Fargo TV series
  • ABC orders pilot of erotic fashion thriller Dress To Kill

New US TV shows casting

  • Teri Polo and Sherri Saum to star in The Fosters

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Mini-review: BeTipul (In Treatment) (Sky Arts 1)

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In the UK: Monday-Friday, 9.30pm, Sky Arts 1/Sky Arts 1 HD. Repeated Saturdays & Sundays
In Israel: First aired 2005

In Treatment was a show I really loved. Clever, engrossing, theatrical, it was fantastic TV. Terribly scheduled, mind. Half an hour, five nights a week? That's not happening for me or for most people - as the ratings bore out.

For those who missed it (why? It was brilliant… Oh yes, now I remember…), it saw therapist Gabriel Byrne see a different patient each day, Monday to Thursday, before seeing his own therapist on Friday, where he'd discuss his feelings about his patients. Then the next week, you'd see the next session with each patient. Over the weeks, you saw his own family, occasionally the patients interacting and more.

But it was based on an award-winning Israeli show, BeTipul, that first aired in 2005. Now Sky Arts 1 is cleverly showing the original five nights a week. And it's very weird to watch.

As with the the US remake of The Killing, it feels almost frame-by-frame identical, just in a different language. It's not quite identical, for obvious reasons, but the dialogue is almost identical, as is the theme tune (which is slightly more upbeat in the Israeli version), and Assi Dayan (Re'uven) looks an awful lot like Gabriel Byrne.

But there are instructive differences. Unlike the very theatrical In Treatment which was largely shot in a studio, BeTipul is naturalistic and shot in a real apartment. Casting also affects things. The Laura-equivalent, Na'ama (Ayelet Zurer), is older than Melissa George, is less vulnerable and (sorry) less attractive. Their relationship, as a result, is different and speaks more to the therapist's difficulties with his wife than Laura/Paul's relationship did in In Treatment, which is correspondingly more about opportunity and desire than emotions.

There are also interesting cultural differences in terms of therapy:

All the same, despite the differences, it feels somewhat futile watching BeTipul having watched In Treatment. BeTipul is different rather than superior, but the differences aren't big enough that having watched In Treatment, you don't feel like you're watching an odd re-run as you do so. It's a case of watch one or the other - but not both.

Here's a trailer with a crappy voiceover or you can watch some of the first episode on the Sky Arts web site:

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