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Preview: Mr Robot 1x1 (US: USA Network)

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Mr Robot

In the US: Wednesdays, 10/9c, USA Network. Starts June 24
In the UK: Not yet acquired

I want you to hack me as hard as you can

Over the years, the USA Network has struggled to work out what kind of network it is. Scroll back a decade or more in the timeline and most people associated it with the likes of country & western reality talent show Nashville Star. Then it started trying to do drama, with a brilliant but quickly cancelled remake of the UK’s Touching Evil, which was perhaps a bit too dark and unmarketable for the likes of USA.

The network didn’t abandon its attempts with drama, but the set back did lead it to start going a bit fluffier. By about 2007, Burn Notice, Monk and Psych were the network’s go-to shows, and while Burn Notice was obviously a much darker show than either Psych and Monk, it still wasn’t quite Requiem for a Dream. These shows had something of an 80s nostalgia to them, which led to the fluffy likes of In Plain Sight.

2009’s Royal Pains proved a game-changer, showing that fluffy and light were very much the order of the day on USA, leading us to the quite fluffy White Collar, the slightly fluffy Covert Affairs, Suits and Graceland, the really very fluffy Common Law, Fairly Legal, Necessary Roughness, Playing House, and Sirens, and eventually the still-fluffy Benched.

Now some of these were great, some of them really weren’t, but they almost all still had something of an edge to them, at least. And slowly, with most of the new fluff fluffing in the ratings, the pendulum has started to swing back over the past year or so towards USA’s skulking darker side with the likes of Rush, Satisfaction and, coming soon, Complications.

This is all for the good, since now we have perhaps USA’s darkest - and best - new show for quite some time, Mr Robot. It sounds fluffy, doesn’t it, with that name, but it’s really not. Think Fight Club if it was all about hacking or Batman, if Batman was a socially anxious coder who used technology to stop people faking identities, end the distribution of images of child abuse and bring down the corporate elite who secretly rule the world.

Rami Malek (24, The War At Home, The Pacific) is Elliot, a white hat techie at a cybersecurity firm. He has social issues, which means in between bouts of crying to himself at home from loneliness, taking morphine, having sex with his drug dealer, hacking people he knows about to find out more about them or talking to his new friends - the viewers at home - he’s busily putting the world to rights. Or to rights as he sees them.

In particular, he’d really like to destroy his company’s biggest client, The Evil Corporation, and one day he comes across 'Mr Robot' (Christian Slater) and his team of socially minded hackers, who offer him the chance to do just that and liberate society from this menace. Is The Evil Corporation really running the world? Is what Slater says possible? Can he be trusted? And is he even real or is he just the Tyler Durden of Elliot’s unmedicated, occasionally paranoid schizophrenic sub-conscious?

All these questions and more are asked and you will want to know the answers. If you’re in the US, you can watch the full episode below; otherwise, I’ll leave you with some trailers and we can talk more after the jump.

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Trailers for USA's new shows: Rush, Complications and Satisfaction

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Last up of all the networks this week is USA, which has three new shows on its roster, most of which it's already been promoting for a while now and are all set to air pretty soon anyway.

Still, for completeness' sake, after the jump, you can look at trailers for Rush, with Miranda's Tom Ellis (yes, BBC1's Miranda) as a private doctor who absolutely, definitely isn't Hank from USA's Royal Pains because the show's set on the West Coast; Complications, which has Jason "I was the voice of Batman. Once" O'Mara starring as... a doctor called Ellis; and Satisfaction, which isn't about doctors at all, but does explore Maslow's hierarchy of needs instead, looking at exactly what is enough for happiness, if money ain't it.

Unfortunately, if you're not in the US, you won't be able to watch the Complications trailer without 'help'. Don't blame me.

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Monday's "Dylan Moran's US sitcom, Arrow casts The Flash and scenes from The Tunnel" news

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Doctor Who

  • Peter Davison confirmed for 50th anniversary celebrations
  • Watch acquires BBC America Doctor Who documentary

Film casting



New UK TV shows

  • Images from Sky/Canal+'s The Tunnel
New UK TV show casting
  • Philip Glenister, Bernard Hill et al join BBC1's From There To Here
  • Casting on BBC1's Jamaica Inn, BBC2's A Poet in New York and ITV's Lucan

US TV casting

New US TV shows

  • ABC developing historically tone deaf, alternative reality show The Thirteen
  • Dylan Moran to write and star in ABC sitcom
  • Fox orders: The Middle Man from Glenn Gordon Caron and Ben Affleck
  • NBC developing CIA comedy
New US TV show casting

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