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Lost Gems: A for Andromeda (1961)

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Julie Christie in A for Andromeda

Odd though it seems, the late 1950s and early 60s was the prime time in TV history for intelligent sci-fi. America had The Twilight Zone, we'd already had all the Quatermass serials and various plays. Sci-fi was smart.

In fact, so smart was sci-fi that the Beeb turned to noted cosmologist Fred Hoyle and said, "How would you like to write us a TV show?" which he did. Surprisingly, it turned out to be pretty good.

A for Andromeda is now the kind of show that other shows and movies steal from. Look at Species. Look at Contact: they're basically A for Andromeda at heart. The Earth gets a message from outer space that contains instructions on how to build a machine. With some reluctance, humanity does as it's told and then begins to wonder if it was a good idea after all.

A for Andromeda's machine is a computer which then goes on to create life in the form of Julie Christie, who, it turns out, humanity really does need to worry about. Not much of the show survives, but what does remain is available on DVD. That still makes it a Lost Gem. Cue the weird old title sequence and one of the only remaining episodes.

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BBC4 science fiction season: the schedule has arrived

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Scifi Britannia

As mentioned previously, BBC4 is doing a season on British science-fiction called Science Fiction Britannia. Cracking open the Radio Times, etc, I've managed to get a bit of the schedule and here are my viewing tips (complete with Video Plus+ numbers and links to DVDs where applicable, in case you can't get BBC4):

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Event review: Andromeda at the NFT

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Julie Christie as Andromeda
Event: Andromeda at the NFT

Date: 10th July 2006
Host: Richard Hollis
Guests: Peter Halliday, Michael Hayes
Series summary: British scientists pick up a message from the Andromeda galaxy. After decoding it, they find it contains instructions on how to build a computer. They build it and after an accident that kills a lab worker, the computer creates a new life form in her image, which the scientists call Andromeda.
Episode summary: Episode six, The Face of the Tiger, sees the computer become ever more valuable to the government after it develops anti-ballistic missile technology. The computer, however, is starting to assert its own agenda through Andromeda, who is becomingly increasingly human.

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