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January 4, 2016

To enliven the New Year, here's the Rock singing Taylor Swift

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Back to work blues? Probably. Still, I might have something to help. It's The Rock vs Jimmy Fallon on Lip Sync Battle, The Rock having chosen Taylor Swift's Shake It Off and Fallon having chosen Harry Belafonte's Jump In the Line. You don't have to watch Fallon, but the Rock and Tay-Tay/Swifty alone should be enough to cheer you up.

May 21, 2015

Celebrate Red Nose Day by watching Peter Dinklage sing about Game of Thrones

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Red Nose Day may be so old now in the UK that I was a 'child or young person' when it started, but in the US, it's all new and exciting - the very first one starts tonight on NBC, in fact. As with Red Nose Day in the UK, there's lots of pre-recorded sketches from celebrities, and if you Google about, you can find Anna Kendrick remaking Raiders of the Lost Ark, for example. 

But for our purposes, I think Peter Dinklage singing about everyone who's died in Game of Thrones is the most interesting of them all.

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February 11, 2015

The Wednesday Play: Play For Today – William Trevor's O Fat White Woman (1971)

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O Fat White Woman

Well, I’ve mentioned it already, but now it’s actually time for O Fat White Woman, William Trevor’s 1971 Play For Today starring Maureen Pryor. Taking it’s name from the Frances Cornford poem ‘To a Fat Lady Seen From The Train’, it sees Pryor playing the wife of an outwardly charming headmaster (Peter Jeffrey) who gradually becomes aware that he is physically abusing his pupils. Simultaneously, we learn about her sexual frustration, caused by both the world and even her husband finding her unattractive.

In and of itself a great and typically bittersweet play, O Fat White Woman is also notable for including music written by Radiophonics Workshop legend Delia Derbyshire.

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