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December 2, 2016

News: Sky Atlantic acquires Midnight Sun; The CW's AI romcom; Fox Europe/Africa spy thriller; + more

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  • KC Collins to recur on The Strain, Lara Royster joins The Fosters

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October 21, 2016

News: Guilt cancelled; Lee Child TV series; Enemy of the State sequel; + more

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New US TV show casting

  • Necar Zadegan and Cameron Gellman join TNT's Let The Right One In

September 19, 2016

Le Bureau Des Légendes (The Bureau) is back for more on Amazon, but the translators have been napping

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One of the best shows I've seen this year, if not the best, is Canal+/Amazon's Le Bureau Des Légendes (The Bureau), a hugely impressive spy show that anyone who loves television should watch as soon as they can. Indeed, Le Figaro called it "to this day… the best ever [TV series] made in France".

It's a sign of how good it is that despite only acquiring the first season in June, Amazon has decided to make September just a little bit brighter by giving us the second season of the show already, despite The Bureau being in French and subtitled - that suggests impressive ratings.

Indeed, have a look at the second season's ratings on Amazon and you'll see that of the 24 ratings its received already, every single one of them is five stars. I'm only three episodes in and although bits of it seem a little less plausible than the first season and there's far less tradecraft, I'd happily rate it five stars, too. 

The Bureau ratings on Amazon

Despite that, we can't let if off from normal protocol when it comes to typos. If you're going to mock up a web page in English, remember to spell 'Access' the English way, not the French.

A typo in the The Bureau

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