Can I advertise on your site?

Yes, you can.

Can I write a guest post for the blog?

No. Sorry.

Can you add feature x to the blog? Or get rid of a feature because it's irritating me?

Contact me or leave a comment. Normally I'm amenable to most requests, particularly if they'll make the blog better.

Can you feature my x on your site?

Maybe. If it seems interesting, I might give it a mention. I'm almost always (subject to workload) willing to review books, DVDs, TV shows, gadgets, etc, if you send them to me. Contact me first to discuss what's going to be involved.

And yes, you can send me press releases by email.

Comment guidelines

What you can post
You can leave just about any kind of comment you like. You can argue, suggest I am (or anyone else is) wrong, leaving general messages of love - anything.

However, you absolutely can't leave messages that are general insults or abusive: your comment will either be edited or deleted and you'll be barred from leaving any further comments. We want to keep it civil here.

If you're going to put something you think is a spoiler into one of your comments, put <spoiler> in front of it and </spoiler> after it. Your spoiler will then only appear if anyone highlights it with their mouse. Try it with this: Oh my God, you'll never believe it. It wasn't a girl, it was a guy!

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