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September 11, 2013

Wednesday's "Doctor Who's 50th celebrations, American Psycho TV sequel and Sigur Ros on Game of Thrones" news

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The 50th anniversary special poster

Doctor Who


  • Trailer for The Railway Man, with Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman
  • Trailer for JJ Abrams's S


US TV casting

New US TV shows

New US TV show casting

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September 9, 2013

It finally had to happen...

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So I'm wanting to rewatch season one of The Almighty Johnsons, just to see if there were things flagged up way back when that I missed at the time. I check iTunes and it only has season 3, and only those episodes that have already aired on SyFy in the UK.


So I stump up the cash and buy it from Amazon instead. Yay. I now have The Almighty Johnsons to watch. 

Except... I'm flicking through Netflix a few days later and (shock!) they only have both seasons 1 and 2 to view for free (if you're a subscriber, obviously). Yes, it had to happen one day: Netflix actually had something I wanted to watch, when I wanted to watch it and I didn't bother to check, because it was so unprecedented.

Rats. Still, at least I have a DVD now.... and if you haven't seen the show and you have Netflix, now's your chance to watch it. It's very good, even if it takes a little time to warm up.

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September 5, 2013

Here's a good combination that could equal the death of US drama on TV

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So on the one hand, US broadcast networks are getting worried that all the good writers are leaving for cable. The good writers don't want to go through the development process at the networks.

On the other hand, cable subscriptions are dropping in the US, down from 65.4% of US homes in 2006 to 55.3% now.

So if everyone's going to cable to sell drama, but cable is dying…

Well, it's more complicated than that, but you see my point?

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