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June 2, 2011

Review: Franklin and Bash 1x1

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Franklin and Bash

In the US: Wednesdays, 9/8c, TNT

Crazy, unconventional lawyers who don't play by the rules and who fight for the little guy! Yay! That's what we need more of, isn't it? That hasn't been done to death with Eli Stone, Harry's Law, The Deep End and The Defenders in just the last three years alone, has it?

Why no, Sir! In fact, what the genre of crazy, unconventional lawyers who don't play by the rules and who fight for the little guy has in fact been missing all these years – something you probably hadn't realised until TNT decided to tell you this by thrusting new show Franklin and Bash and assorted breasts in your face – is crazy, unconventional fratboy lawyers who don't play by the rules and who fight for the little guy.

Yes, Franklin and Bash are the kind of lawyers who'll get women to take their clothes off in court and jiggle their breasts at the jury, who'll hit on women they work with and have naked hot tub parties, in a show that tries vainly and pathetically to be funny, while Malcolm McDowell phones in his part in between lighting cigars with the vast stack of dollar bills he must be earning.

Sigh. Cue the trailer.

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May 19, 2011

The CW's upfronts 2011

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The CW Upfronts

Poor Alex Breckenridge - let down by pilot season again. The CW, which is largely ruled by reality shows, only has about thruppence ha'penny to rub together, so isn't going to be picking up her pilot, Cooper and Stone. Shame.

Still, what have they picked up instead?

  • Hart of Dixie, in which Rachel Bilson gets used to being a doctor in a small town after she leaves the big city. Hang on, isn't that Doc Hollywood?
  • Ringer, in which Sarah Michelle Gellar goes on the run by assuming the identity of her twin sister. Genius plan that one. Still, it does feature Ioan Gruffudd, Nestor Carbonell and Kristoffer Polaha, so might be worth a look
  • The Secret Circle, which comes from the author of The Vampire Diaries and sees Britt Robertson from Life Unexpected discover she's a witch. Another good supporting cast - Thomas Dekker, Gale Harold, Ashley Crow and Natasha Henstridge - but if it's anything like The Vampire Diaries, I might be out before this has even started.

Not sure they picked the right shows there. Details and trailers after the jump.

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May 19, 2011

CBS's upfronts 2011

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CBS Upfronts

CBS is, of course, king of the US schedules. It can put on more or less any unfeasibly bad TV show (Rules of Engagement, Mike and Molly, Hawaii Five-0, CSI Miami) and it'll do well. So this year, they've actually had to move some of their best-rated shows to Saturday and Sunday (an unheard of move), just to add a little variety to the midweek schedule.

What variety? Well, there's just a few new shows to tempt your palette with:

  • 2 Broke Girls from the 'writer' of the Sex and the City movies, Michael Patrick King, in which two waitresses try to start up a business making cupcakes
  • Unforgettable, about a police detective who can remember every single detail about everything except who killed her sister
  • How To Be A Gentleman, about an etiquette columnist who becomes detached from modern life and is forced to put a modern sexy twist on things with the help of Kevin Dillon, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Rhys Darby
  • A Gifted Man, which stars Patrick Wilson, Jennifer Ehle and Julie Benz but is about a surgeon whose dead wife teaches him the meaning of life from beyond the grave.
  • Person of Interest from JJ Abrams, which gets ex CIA agent Jim Caviezel to team up with billionaire Michael Emerson from Lost to prevent violent crime before it happens.

Person of Interest looks good, and anything with Julie Benz in gets my vote (temporarily at least), but frankly that looks like a right bunch of clunkers to me. Still, what does CBS care, given all the shows it already has?

Unfortunately, in traditional CBS über-suck style, there are no videos for me to show you that work outside the US so enjoy the descriptions after the jump, UK readers; and have fun with the full vids US readers.

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