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April 8, 2013

Monday's "A 2nd series for Vikings, a new name for SHIELD and Hannibal starts okay" news

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Doctor Who


Film casting

  • Rachel Wesz and Daniel Craig to star with Rafe Spall in Betrayal
Canadian TV



US TV casting

New US TV show casting

  • J August Richards joins SHIELD, which might be becoming ABC's Agents of SHIELD
  • Paul Reubens to voice the White Rabbit in ABC's Once Upon A Time: Wonderland
  • Jessica Lu to guest on ABC's Westside

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April 4, 2013

Thursday's "Sky Atlantic and Canal+'s Panthers, ITV's The Guilty and David Tennant Dr Who location pics" news

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Doctor Who


Film casting

  • Trailer for Nicolas Winding Refn's Only God Forgives with Ryan Gosling [NSFW]
  • Trailer for James DeMonaco's The Purge with Ethan Hawke
  • Teaser for The Hunger Games 2
  • Teaser for the Carrie remake
Canadian TV



US TV casting New US TV shows
  • Cinemax orders pilot for based on Max Allan Collins' Quarry

New US TV show casting

  • Emma Rigby joins ABC's Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

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April 3, 2013

Review: Orphan Black 1x1 (Space/BBC America)

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Orphan Black

In Canada: Saturdays, 9e/6p, Space
In the US: Saturdays, 9/8c, BBC America

Watcha cock! What a fine how-do-you-do this is, innit, doncha know. Chim-chiminey-cheroo, I've been watching a bit of the old Nervo and Knox of late and it came into me old noggin like that you'd like a gander at me discombobulations about what I done saw, like, innit.

Right now, I'm sitting in my beefeater uniform, inside a red phone box, with a Tower of London hat on my head, trying to get out of the strange state Orphan Black has put me into. A Canadian show that BBC America has mysteriously picked up too, it stars a bunch of Canadians pretending to be Americans, Germans and, above all, English people. You'd have thought, given the somewhat dodgy quality of the accents that BBC America might have steered clear of this show. But given BBC America - which confusingly is an umbrella network for everything from BBC1 shows to those plucked off Channel 4 and ITV, as well as some original content - is about as authentically British as the average US 'pub', apparently not - even fake Brits appeal to anglophiles, it seems, and Canadians are the next best things anyway.

Besides, o be honest, it's also a show that would be right at home on BBC3.

Orphan Black is a little like the grown-up, nastier, but essentially still tame elder sister of Canada's other 'streetwise sci-fi/fantasy woman' show Lost Girl. It stars Tatiana Maslany as Sarah… and Beck… and…, well, you'll see. Sarah is one of those 'streetwise' girls who appear in very comfortable, escapist dramas, living on her wits (e.g. swallowing soap to make herself sick) in a way that anyone with an IQ higher than an amoeba's would instantly spot as mildly criminal or at the very least very odd but no one on these shows ever notices as more than her having an odd day. She's also 'English', with one of those glottal-stop laden attempts at Estuary accents that North American actors do and end up sounding like a spoof character on The Simpsons instead. She's also capable, for no good reason, of doing a slightly more convincing but wobbly 'American' accent. And she's a punk chick, because she wears a Clash 'London Calling' T-shirt. Like all we English people do. All the time. I've got one on under my Beefeater uniform right now, in fact.

Sarah's on the run, but when she gets off a train in Unidentified North American City That Could Be In The US But Is Obviously Canadian, she spots a woman who looks exactly like her… and who commits suicide right in front of her. Sarah steals her belongings and assumes Beck's identity. Somehow, despite Beck being a cop, having a live-in boyfriend, etc, Sarah gets away with it, but before she knows it, more women who look like her start turning up. And then there are the people who are shooting at her, too.

Yes, it's sci-fi conspiracy series thriller time.

Here's a trailer and the opening scene.

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