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January 29, 2015

News: Jimmy Olsen cast, green light for Limitless, Drama acquires The Pinkertons, Catastrophe renewed + more

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Film casting

Canadian TV

German TV

Internet TV

  • Jon Hamm, Chris Pine, Kristen Wigg and Jason Schwartzman to guest on Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer
UK TV UK TV show casting


US TV show casting

New US TV shows
  • NBC green lights: adaptation of Strange Calls
  • ABC green lights: pilot of political thriller Flesh and Blood
  • CBS green lights: pilot of adaptation of Limitless, Dan O’Shannon girlfriend-quest comedy, guardian angel comedy Angel From Hell
New US TV show casting

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January 26, 2015

What have you been watching? Including Backstrom, Young Drunk Punk, 19-2, Spiral and Galavant

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It's "What have you been watching?", my chance to tell you what movies and TV I’ve been watching recently that I haven't already reviewed and your chance to recommend things to everyone else (and me) in case I've missed them.

The usual "TMINE recommends" page features links to reviews of all the shows I've ever recommended, and there's also the Reviews A-Z, for when you want to check more or less anything I've reviewed ever. And if you want to know when any of these shows are on in your area, there's Locate TV - they’ll even email you a weekly schedule.

Lots of new shows to deal with this past week, including 12 Monkeys. Unfortunately, it’s my busy time of the month, so I won’t be able to deal with them at length and there’s a few third-episode verdicts I’m going to have skip, too. Fortunately, though, all the new shows don’t really warrant full reviews…

Backstrom (US: Fox)
Despite having been canned by CBS straight after its pilot, this adaptation of Leif GW Persson’s Bäckström books has been resurrected over at Fox and once again demonstrates that the US really shouldn’t be adapting Nordic Noir. It stars Rainn Wilson from The Office as the eponymous Backstrom, a Portland police detective who’s best thought of as Gregory House MD but without the talent, the charm or the looks, bungling his way from crime scene to crime scene being lazy and offensive and being proved right because the script demands it, rather than because of any insight. So the producers think it very funny that Backstrom have the nearest - and indeed only - black person around arrested because he’s black so probably was involved in the crime. My, how comically racist! Except the black person is involved in the crime - how actually racist!

There’s some decent supporting characters, including an MMA-beat cop (Page Kennedy); a New Age medical examiner (Kristoffer Polaha from Ringer, Valentine, Life Unexpected), whom everyone reacts to like he’s English, even though he doesn’t even have an accent; an investigator whom everyone reacts to like she’s French, because she is (Beatrice Rosen); and Dennis Haysbert (The Unit, 24) as Backstrom’s boss. But this is as lazy as Backstrom himself, trying to fake being intelligent and gimmicky by having Backstrom ‘empathise’ (saying out loud, “I am character x, I feel y, therefore I would have done z”) and come up with insight such as “Anyone who says ‘Absolutely not’ is absolutely lying”, rather than actually being intelligent or having insight.

Weirdly, between moving from CBS to Fox, there’s been some recasting and a lot of the funnier and smarter stuff has been removed, making it worse not better than it was before.

Young Drunk Punk (Canada: City TV)
After last year’s slew of 80s nostalgia shows in the US, time for some 80s nostalgia from Canada, with Young Drunk Punk, in which two teenage nerd punk-wannabes search for their destinies after leaving high school. Despite being written by and starring Bruce McCulloch (Kids In The Hall) this is very much like the previous half dozen Canadian comedies that have come by in having a total laugh count of zero.

After the jump, 19-2, Arrow, Banshee, Constantine, Cougar Town, Elementary, The Flash, Galavant, Gotham, The Ground Floor, Hindsight, Man Seeking Woman, Marvel’s Agent Carter, State of Affairs, Spiral (Engrenages) and Togetherness. One of them’s on the verge of getting recommended, one of them’s going to be dropped, and one of them is on the borderline. But which ones? You’ll find out after the jump.

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January 23, 2015

News: Hannibal trailer, CBS finds its Supergirl, Moone Boy guest stars, Game of X-Men + more

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Will and Grace reunion on The Mysteries of Laura


Film casting

  • Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan and Alexandra Shipp join X-Men: Apocalypse


  • Trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Canadian TV

Internet TV

  • Transparent to be free to view on Amazon on Saturday
  • Trailer for Netflix’s Tina Fey and Robert Carlock comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


UK TV show casting
  • Terry Wogan, Sharon Horgan, John Sessions et al to guest on Moone Boy

New UK TV shows


New US TV shows

New US TV show casting

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