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April 15, 2014

Weekly Wonder Woman: Superman/Wonder Woman #7, Smallville: Lantern #5 and Justice League Beyond #16-17

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Superman/Wonder Woman #7

Normally, around this time, I’d do a round-up of all of Wonder Woman’s appearances in DC comics in the past week. Unfortunately, given that both Superman and Wonder Woman were at the epicentre of a nuclear explosion not so long ago, I can’t do that, can I?

What do you mean they survived? How…?

Okay, we’ll talk about that after the jump. We’ll also be looking at a few alternative universes: the Smallville alternative universe, where Wonder Woman is flirting away with Steve Trevor, and the Justice League Beyond alternative universes, in which a slightly older Wonder Woman is off with Batman instead.

Gosh. Still, as long as she’s having fun, hey?

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April 14, 2014

Batman's 75 so here's a Bruce Timm animation to celebrate

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You’ve heard of Batman, right? Guy who likes to dress up as a bat to fight crime? Probably rings a bell, doesn’t it?

Anyway, he’s 75 years old this year and to celebrate, DC Comics has got the man behind the bulk of Batman animations for the past two decades to put together this little 1930s-style cartoon in which Batman hits things a lot.



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April 4, 2014

Weekly Wonder Woman: Action Comics #30

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Action Comics #30

Only one comic is featuring the Amazon princess this week – boo! – and it’s Action Comics #30, which serves as a start to the ‘Superman Doomed’ crossover arc that’s going to be running through Action Comics, Superman/Wonder Woman, Superman et al over the coming month or so.

Unfortunately, DC’s timings are all a bit off, so Wondy only appears in one pane of the issue…

Wonder Woman flashback. Or flashforward

…in which Superman recalls that time when Harrow – the ghost soldier who can raises armies of the dead in a manner somewhat akin to Ares back in Wonder Woman – got her soldiers to try to kill Wonder Woman. You remember that, don’t you? You don’t? Oh, that’s because that’s happening next week in Superman/Wonder Woman #7. Not at all confusing, hey?

Oh well, that’s all folks!

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