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June 28, 2016

Come to Bromley and see the Lego time machine

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It has to be said there's not a lot to come and look at in my (current) home of Bromley, SE London. There's the Churchill Theatre, if you happen to like a lot of musicals and murder-mysteries. But that's about it. Tourists - do not come here.

However, look what's just showed up in the Intu (sic) shopping centre (formerly 'The Glades'):

Lego HG Wells' Time Machine

Yes, it's HG Wells' Time Machine fashioned out of Lego! Or at least a version of the version of HG Wells' Time Machine featured in the 1960 movie The Time Machine.

Why? Well, HG Wells was born here. There's even a blue plaque on the TK Maxx (formerly Allders) in the high street.

Of course, we used to have a mural to HG Wells in the High Street, featuring the three-legged Martian war machines from War of the Worlds.

Bromley's old HG Wells mural

That's now been replaced by a mural of Charles Darwin, who used to live here. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's because that's not actually a three-leggged HG Wells Martian war machine, but a Tripod from the BBC adaptation of John Christopher's The Tripods.

Oh, Bromley…

June 20, 2016

Weekly Wonder Woman: Justice League #51; Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year 5 #26; Superman: Rebirth #1

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Quite a quiet week again for Diana in comics last week, although a bit busier than a fortnight ago, it's true. However, it's all go in the real world, thanks to her 75th birthday looming on the horizon. She's got a shiny new logo to celebrate:

Wonder Woman 75th birthday logo

She's got a shiny new costume (now appearing in Rebirth):

Wonder Woman 75 Costume

With matching Barbie:

Wonder Woman Barbie

There's even a 75th birthday action figure, complete with invisible jet.

Wonder Woman 75th birthday and Invisible Jet

Although don't go expecting the latter to appear in next year's movie.

But after the jump, we'll be looking at the flashback-tastic Justice League #51 and punch-tastic Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year 5 #26, as well as a Trinity-tastic night-time meeting in Superman: Rebirth #1. Oh, by the way, Donna Troy has a new costume this month, too, over in Teen Titans: Rebirth #1

Donna Troy has a new costume

Looks a bit familiar, doesn't it?

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June 13, 2016

Weekly Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1

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It was a relatively quiet week for Diana last week. For the young 'uns and the light of heart, there was a trailer for a new movie based on DC SuperHero Girls called DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year, which is due out in August in the US:

For the oldies and the dark of heart, there was a trailer for the extended Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is due out in June, and looks like it'll have a bit more of our Wondy than the cinema release did, albeit mainly more fighting:

In comics, there were only two appearances of note. The first was DC Bombshells #47, in which Mera flashed back to a time when her ex-husband Nereus was getting a bit jealous of her and Diana spending so much time together (I wonder why…):

Mera and Diana are close

But much more importantly, we also had Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1, which not only starts setting out the tentpoles for how Diana is going to fare/get rebooted in the Rebirth universe, it also marks the first time the legendary Greg Rucka has written for our Di since he was unceremoniously booted off her title at the end of Volume 2, back in 2006 - yep, it's been a decade, guys. 

But more on that after the jump.

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