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April 17, 2015

Weekly Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman '77 #5-6

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Convergence is upon us. However, beyond a brief appearance by Futures End Wonder Woman in issue #2…

Futures End Wonder Woman in Convergence #2

…that’s pretty much been her only appearance so far, as far as I can tell.

That means this week I’ll only be looking over issues #5-6 of Wonder Woman ’77. If you remember, when last we left her, Lynda Carter Wonder Woman was having a fight with Cathy Lee Crosby Wonder Woman and wondering if she was the real thing or not. Now, in the conclusion of the story, we discover who’s the true Wonder Woman as a plethora of villains turn up for a fight that only the real thing can finish.

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April 2, 2015

Weekly Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #40, Superman/Wonder Woman #17, Wonder Woman '77 #4

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As I prepare to take a week off next week, I note the happy timing – this is precisely what’s happening at DC for the next month or two. Yes, the publisher of Wonder Woman comics is off taking a break as it moves offices from New York to Los Angeles, so as to be better geared up for movie/money synergies.


While everyone’s filling boxes and the likes, no one’s going to have much time for that editing and printing lark, so in the place of the regularly advertised comics, we’re getting the BIGGEST EVENT EVAH!


It’s not really the biggest event ever, you know. Initially, it was going to just be a sort of Sensation Comics writ large for all the DC titles, with a whole bunch of stories set in previous continuities (Golden Age, Silver Age, Post-Crisis, Kingdom Come, Red Son et al) showing up on the shelves for a month or so, just for fun. Except now it’s all been tied in with something involving Brainiac, with Flashpoint Aquaman fighting pre-Flashpoint Justice League and the like, and it’s all going to be important and mean stuff and probably end up with everyone wearing new costumes or something.

Wonder Woman's new costume

In preparation, Sensation Comics has gone on sabbatical, and is set to return on the 23rd April; in its place, we have the return of Wonder Woman ’77, which aptly enough, also appears to have some parallel universe fun going on.

And while Justice League proper is taking a break, too, this week we’ve been left to enjoy new issues of both Wonder Woman and Superman/Wonder Woman, in which Diana chats a lot and takes up a new hobby. Treasure them – they won’t be back until June, now.

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March 26, 2015

Weekly Wonder Woman: Sensation Comics #29-30, Batman and Robin #30

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Sensation Comics #30

It’s Weekly Wonder Woman, which depending on how you view these things is either six days late or one day early. Just to explain, last week was a bit of a desert, with only Sensation Comics #29 offering us anything featuring the Amazon princess, and as it was a two-part story, I decided to roll it into this week’s reviews. And as I might be a bit busy tomorrow, I figured I might as well do everything today instead. There’s lovely, hey? In fact, I might do it again next week, the fact it being Good Friday in the UK next Friday having almost nothing to do with that particular decision. Oh no.

So after the jump, we’ll dive into Sensation Comics #29-30 as Wonder Woman defends an over-sexualised Miley Cyrus-alike from a crazy mansplainer. But as an added fillip, we’ve also got a guest appearance by Wondy and the rest of the Justice League in Batman and Robin #30. That Robin’s only gone and got himself some superpowers, which means Batman needs help keeping the young whippersnapper in line…

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