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April 15, 2014

Weekly Wonder Woman: Superman/Wonder Woman #7, Smallville: Lantern #5 and Justice League Beyond #16-17

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Superman/Wonder Woman #7

Normally, around this time, I’d do a round-up of all of Wonder Woman’s appearances in DC comics in the past week. Unfortunately, given that both Superman and Wonder Woman were at the epicentre of a nuclear explosion not so long ago, I can’t do that, can I?

What do you mean they survived? How…?

Okay, we’ll talk about that after the jump. We’ll also be looking at a few alternative universes: the Smallville alternative universe, where Wonder Woman is flirting away with Steve Trevor, and the Justice League Beyond alternative universes, in which a slightly older Wonder Woman is off with Batman instead.

Gosh. Still, as long as she’s having fun, hey?

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April 4, 2014

Weekly Wonder Woman: Action Comics #30

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Action Comics #30

Only one comic is featuring the Amazon princess this week – boo! – and it’s Action Comics #30, which serves as a start to the ‘Superman Doomed’ crossover arc that’s going to be running through Action Comics, Superman/Wonder Woman, Superman et al over the coming month or so.

Unfortunately, DC’s timings are all a bit off, so Wondy only appears in one pane of the issue…

Wonder Woman flashback. Or flashforward

…in which Superman recalls that time when Harrow – the ghost soldier who can raises armies of the dead in a manner somewhat akin to Ares back in Wonder Woman – got her soldiers to try to kill Wonder Woman. You remember that, don’t you? You don’t? Oh, that’s because that’s happening next week in Superman/Wonder Woman #7. Not at all confusing, hey?

Oh well, that’s all folks!

March 28, 2014

Weekly Wonder Woman: Forever Evil: ARGUS #6, DC Universe v Masters of the Universe #4

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Forever Evil: ARGUS #5

Time for our round-up of Wonder Woman’s appearances in DC comics this week. Just a couple of cameos this time round. Forever Evil: ARGUS #6 continues where #5 left off - Steve Trevor on a quest for Wonder Woman’s lasso, which is currently in possession of Wonder Woman’s former friend and now arch nemesis Cheetah. Once again, most of it consists of Trevor trying to prove absolutely definitely that he’s not just Diana’s ex-boyfriend; once again, I think he doth protest too much.

In particular, thanks to the arrival of the DC Universe versions of the Morai/Fates…

DC's Morai

…we have a flashback to a point during the recent 'Trinity War' - where incidentally we learn that when Wonder Woman’s using her own lasso, she can’t lie either - when Steve asked Diana if she loved him. This is probably not the answer he was looking for, though:

Trinity War flashback

I loved you, but I moved on

Ouch. But pick your moments, Steve.

Masters of the Universe vs DC Universe #6

Meanwhile, the somewhat dreary Masters of the Universe crossover finally ends after six issues of nonsense. As usual, it’s better for the Masters of the Universe side of things than the DC side. Wondy does turn up in Greece, still possessed by Skeletor/Dark Orko/Whoever Because I Can’t Remember Now…

Wonder Woman in Greece

…which is nice. But beyond that, she’s largely there to offer Batman help with the redecoration.

Wonder Woman offers Batman help

Oh well. Let’s just say you didn’t miss much if you didn’t read it.

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