News: Stranger Things renewed; Grimm, Pretty Little Liars cancelled; King Arthur police procedural; Let The Right One In pilot; + more

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  • Mark Carroll

    “NBC cancels: Grimm”: well, that's a relief.

    “Jim Broadbent joins Game of Thrones”: ah yes, that I can imagine.

    “Fox developing: King Arthur police procedural Camelot”: ha, I was hoping it would be set in the Dark Ages!

  • Dark Ages procedural would have been fun – like Cadfael but with more magic

  • JustStark

    TNT green lights: pilot of adaptation of Let The Right One In

    As it's been a while and I'm still proud of it, I'm going to say 'The Littlest Vampire Hobo' again.

  • JustStark

    “NBC cancels: Grimm”: well, that's a relief.

    Paving the way for a sequel series where he goes to Canada, called Grimm up North?

  • Mark Carroll

    Ha! (Weird for me to now live in Perthshire when previously I'd been only as far north as York and found that to be cold and windy.)