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Your handy guide to true religions on TV - Other religions

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The Secrets of Isis

This entry is one of a series of articles covering religions depicted on TV as being true. For full details and a list of the other religions covered, go to the introduction.

Other religions
Religions outside of the previous categories are much rarer on TV. Although very occasionally Native American religions have featured on US TV, for example, AFAIK they've never been shown to be true except in shows like Star Trek: Voyager that later reveal that science is behind any truth they might have. Nevertheless, there have been one or two shows that depict religions other than the ones mentioned above.

1. The Feathered Serpent (1976-1978)
One of the few shows to deal with mesoamerican religions, The Feathered Serpent was set in ancient Mexico and dealt with the replacement of the peaceful god Quala (aka The Feathered Serpent) by Teschcata ('the smoking mirror'), and the machinations of the high priest Nasca (Patrick Troughton). And yes, the gods do exist in this. Probably.
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2. The Secret of Isis (1975-1977)
The first TV series to feature a super heroine, this was designed as a complement to Shazam!. In it, a high school teacher uncovers an ancient Egyptian amulet that would transform its wearer into the Egyptian goddess Isis. About 0% accurate to the actual Egyptian religion.
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3. Children of Fire Mountain (1979)
Period drama depicting the tensions between the white settlers of New Zealand and the native Maoris. Despite plenty of warnings about angering the Maori gods, the settlers refuse to leave, which eventually results in the local volcano erupting.
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4. Highlander: The Series (1992-1998)
The TV series of the movie, in which immortals fight each other throughout eternity until only one remains and can claim The Prize. Although largely secular, with the occasional piece of Christian imagery or worshipper (usually a monk in flashback), the show did include a storyline about the Zoastrian demon Ahriman, who's shown to exist.
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5. The Nargun and the Stars (1980)
One of the few (only?) shows to draw on Australian Aboriginal mythology, this sees an orphaned city boy who discovers in a remote valley on the property a variety of ancient Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime creatures. The arrival of heavy machinery intent on clearing the land brings to life the ominous stone Nargun, a creature drawn from tribal legends of the Gunai or Kurnai people of the area now known as the Mitchell River National Park in Victoria. Other creatures featured in the story include the mischievous green-scaled water-spirit Potkoorok, the Turongs (tree people) and the Nyols (cave people).
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