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Friday's "Mary Tyler Moore reunion, F Murray Abraham: hitman & Karen Gillan heads to the US" news

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Doctor Who

  • Peter Jackson willing to direct Doctor Who for 1 Dalek
  • Matt Smith leaving after Christmas??
  • Neil Gaiman returns to Marvel, bringing Angela from Spawn along


  • Seth Rogen to direct, produce and star in The Interview by Seth Rogen

Film casting

  • Ian McShane, Joseph Fiennes, John Hurt, Rebecca Ferguson and Askel Hennie join Hercules
  • Gary Oldman joins Child 44
  • Maximiliano Hernandez to return for Captain America 2, Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde to star in Endless Love


  • Sky green lights: Mr Sloane, with Nick Frost, and Yonderland
  • …confirms third series for Moone Boy
  • S4C to develop more digital content
  • Only one in ten TV drama series directors are women
  • Clip from Life Too Short special


US TV show casting

New US TV shows New US TV show casting

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  • There is no official solution yet to the 12 regenerations/13 incarnations dilemma. Or even if Doc 10 used up an extra regeneration when he was shot by that Dalek.

  • Julia Williams

    Not really surprised. Thought he'd bow out after the 50th. But sorry to see him go. Have loved Matt Smith's Doctor. But then I loved David Tennant too:-) Have they got round the no more regenerations after no 13 by River giving him her regenerations?

  • The Sun's stories are intermittently reliable. Sometimes they're wildly off, sometimes they're right on the money. From what I hear from insiders, though, they're right this time.

    Typically, actually, contracts with British actors are for one year. They can be longer in some cases, though.

  • tobyob

    Re: the Matt Smith leaving story - is it the Sun whose stories aren't that reliable or would that apply to tabloids in general over there? In this case, I'm thinking they've got it right. Until the issue with Dan Stevens & 'Downton Abbey', I didn't know the contracts for British actors don't last longer than three years, so that's coming to an end. Plus, who wouldn't want to go out with a big splash in something like the holiday special? Worked for Tennant......

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