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Thursday's "Chevy Chase out of Community, and BBC4's year of comedy, including Parks & Recreation" news

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  • Trailer for Dark Skies with Keri Russell
  • Trailer for Snitch with The Rock, Susan Sarandon, Michael Kenneth Williams et al
  • Trailer for Bryan Singer's Jack The Giant Slayer with Nicholas Hoult, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci et al


  • BBC4 announces a year of comedy, including the acquisition of Parks and Recreation
  • ITV and Channel 5 keep their licences for another five years


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  • Dante S

    Thank you very much Rob! Third series of Fresh Meat I've just read on today's round-up. Yay!

  • Last I looked, didn't have an RSS feed, which is why I don't usually include them. But either I missed it the first time or they've added one now, so your wish is now my command and I'll be including them as of tomorrow (assuming they have anything to say…)

  • Dante S

    Can you post links to as well as please Rob? news stories tend to be more detailed - I like reading them better and sometimes follow your links to Chortle and then manually have to find the full news story elsewhere. Thanks.

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