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Question of the week: what is the worst movie ever?

Posted on April 2, 2012 | comments | Bookmark and Share

Jack and Jill, with Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler's film Jack and Jill is now officially the worst movie ever, being the first movie to win in each of the Razzie's 10 categories. So today's question is simple:

Do you agree? Is Jack and Jill the worst movie ever or can you think of an even worse one?

Answers below or on your own blog, please

  • tobyob

    Oh yeah, "Parting Shots".  I got that through Netflix once I saw it had Felicity Kendall, Diana Rigg, and Joanne Lumley in it.  But it made the inner Leonard Pinth Garnell break out - "Horrible!  Awful!" I found myself muttering while watching it.  And then to endure seeing Bob Hoskins' back hair floating in the pool.....  I'd recommend this film as a punishment or to break prisoners in interrogation.

  • Robin Parker

    Somehow worse than crass no-laugh comedies are self-important films that collapse under the weight of their own worthiness. I'd nominate Alan Parker's horrendously dull and misognyistic The Life of David Gale. A total mess.

    In terms of basic ineptitude, you can't get far worse than Michael Winner's hideously inept Parting Shots, with its poorly-framed shots, rushed out so Winner could get to his lunch, and its cavalcade of Winner's mates phoning in a cameo performance. And then there's the film written by its 'star' Chris Rea, La Passione - which has everything: Shirley Bassey! Paul Shane as a Yorkshire-via-Italy ice cream magnate! Keith Barron in a mute role! Both of these are more enjoyable though in their own peculiar

  • Mark Carroll

    While I have, thankfully, not seen "Jack and Jill", I did find "Night Train to Mundo Fine" (1966) to be really very bad indeed: it varied from the boring to the bizarre.

    The biggest surprise for me so far was hating "Antichrist" (2009). I could see the point and it was well-made but, damn, it just ranged from unpleasant to depressing. I wouldn't recommend it to anybody.

  • tobyob

    "Little Cigars" was the only movie I ever walked out on. It was about a gang of midgets who robbed banks.  But I think "Galaxy of Terror" was the bigger stinker in my viewing experience.  I think they were going for an "Alien" rip-off. I would have walked out on that one, but we were watching it a friend's place and we didn't have dinner yet......

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