And the winner of The UNIT Files on DVD is…

The UNIT Files

Well, last week I offered you the chance to win the Doctor Who stories Invasion of the Dinosaurs and The Android Invasion on DVD. The entries are in, the random number generator has spoken and I’m proud to declare that the winner is…

TemplarJ! A great big well done to him and thanks to everyone for taking part.

I’m probably going to have a Fry’s Planet Word competition soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Fry's Planet Word

  • SK

    Anybody else click on the 'And the winner is' link and think, 'Goodness, can't he afford to buy his own Doctor Who DVDs in between saving bears in Peru?'

  • TemplarJ

    Thank you, Rob. I am now doing my happy dance. Its the same as all my other dances but I do it with a smile.