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Dumb things around Cardiff: Oh! What's Occurrin? and the Ianto Jones memorial

Posted on April 27, 2011 | comments | Bookmark and Share

I went away to Cardiff for the Easter weekend. Lovely place, but it turns out there's a fair degree of TV-related mentalism in and around town.

First off, we went to Barry Island! Yes, Gavin & Stacey land. Turns out the funfair only starts at 12.30, even on bank holidays. That's mental. We did at least get to play pirate mini-golf along the seafront though.

But Barry Island is keen to cash in on the popularity of Gavin & Stacey. Look:

Oh! What's Occurrin' gift shop

Yes, it's the Oh! What's Occurrin'? gift shop. Enterprising.

Meanwhile, back in Cardiff, we went along Mermaid Quay and had a look at what used to be Torchwood's back entrance (ho, ho).

The Ianto Jones memorial

Yes, it's the Ianto Jones memorial, complete with little flowers. FFS, you mentals, he's a fictional character.

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  • So they keep coming back to put up MORE tributes?! Truly truly baffling! But in a weird way, I get Joe's remark: I guess there are worse things they could be doing...

  • Aw, I think it's sweet in a kinda demented way.

  • "Crikey - I can KINDA understand the wall of 'grief' but.... it's still there and still going strong? Man ---- Children of Earth was 2 years ago!And: you know, FICTION..."

    Thing is, it's right be the waterside. In Cardiff Bay. Which has been known to get a bit wet now and then. Most of it is paper. That means virtually all of it must be recent…

  • Crikey - I can KINDA understand the wall of 'grief' but.... it's still there and still going strong? Man ---- Children of Earth was 2 years ago!

    And: you know, FICTION...

  • (-:

  • stu-n

    Never underestimate the popularity of boys kissing among a certain demographic of genre viewers. Or, to put it another way, don't forget the slashers'n'shippers.

  • Oh that's priceless, Rob. The Ianto love is something I haven't quite figured out, though I was at least moved by his death (where I didn't give a toss about Owen's and Tosh's (oh did Chris Chibnall write their demises by any chance?). The idiocies to which fans will go are infinitely fascinating(-:

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