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The Wrath of Khan done as opera with action figures

Posted on January 27, 2009 | comments | Bookmark and Share

By Robot Chicken. Thanks to Stu.

PS The Italian checks out as far as I can tell. Curse those rubbish Italian lessons I took. Why did they never deal with useful things like this?

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  • phoenix30

    Sunday? That would explain it then. Saturday-Sunday-Monday was one LOOOOONG day for me (ie, no sleep), as I spent the entire time working on a school project (pro-tip: don't ever go to graduate school).

    When I finally did sleep, I was awoken by the UPS guy. I couldn't figure out why he was working on a Sunday, until I realized it was Tuesday.

  • "Robot Chicken? When did this episode air? And how did I miss it?R.I.P. Montalban."

    At least here in the States, it just aired this past Sunday night. Not sure what the hang time is before it reaches the UK....

  • phoenix30

    Robot Chicken? When did this episode air? And how did I miss it?

    R.I.P. Montalban.

  • Star Trek as Space Opera. Marvellous. Now I wish I'd done Italian...

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