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Season finales: Alias, 24, The Unit

Posted on May 30, 2006 | Post a comment | Bookmark and Share

Today's finales guide is going to look at the silly spy shows of US TV.

Alias finale

Pants. I missed the Rambaldi episode. Instead, the finale dealt with a whole load of silly things, as you might expect with Alias. Various character arcs get resolved, both happily and happily, but ultimately you get the feeling the last five years was all for nothing. Oh well.
Disappointment factor: 5/10.

Jack Bauer in 24
Not the most tense of seasons, but by no means the worst (season 3?), this year's 24 does have the most tense finale of them all. How does Jack get out of that one? Maybe Dale or Professor Zarkov can fashion a 'ray' to save him. Anyway, brace yourself.
Tension factor: 10/10.

The Unit finale

The Unit
After a terribly impressive 12th episode that took virtually none of the conventional paths in the standard “bomb in the building that needs defusing” scenario, the finale proved to be a terrible piece of silliness that went for guns and ammo plus francophobia in preference to sensible plotting. The conclusion makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, either. It's not a cliffhanger, so the tension factor's low, but you really wish there'd been a better choice of episode to round off a good first season.
Tension factor: 4/10

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